Title: ChickARG
Date: March 2009 - December 2009

Quick Summary:
Create wordpress themes from a pre-designed graphics. Create web-based tools for incorporation into the game experience. Install forum, social networking, and blogging systems on the production server in preperation for go-live. Additional maintenance and modifications handled by other resources.



Project Background:
I was brought into this project by one of my long-term childhood friends. She was looking for someone to assist her in the creation of a wordpress theme for use in this Alternate-Reality Game (ARG) she was helping to create. Since I had never created a theme for Wordpress before, and was looking for a new programming challenge, I said "Sure!".

After I got involved, the project director, JL Reid, began asking me about user integration of all their web assets and creating various mini-games and programming challenges needed for the game.

While working on the user integration, I created a demo system involving Wordpress MU, BuddyPress (social networking) and BBPress. All three of these systems are compatible with each other and require very little to make them all work off of the same user table. When proposed and demonstrated, the customer was extremely pleased with it and has decided to follow my recommendation.

Practical implementation has yet to begin on this portion of the setup. Programming projects continue to progress, and things are moving along. I will be creating themes for all web assets involved with the project. I will make photos available when designs have been implemented and approved.