Title: Crystal Dragons Guild Website
Date: January 2006
Sample Code: Bank Display Page, Example of raw data from in-game

Quick Summary:
Website designed for friends to advertise their World of Warcraft guild. The site has been around since early 2006.

The guild is no longer around, and the site is no longer updated.



Project Background:
The website for the Crystal Dragons was something I did because I wanted to help out some friends. The idea was to take all the information that had been on the old website (that would be shutting down due to financial reasons) and give it a new face.

I tried to go with a very clean look, with everything available in an organized fashion. PHP was chosen to be used for a few reasons: a) it was what was available on the server; b) it would allow the menu system to be an included file, rather than having it be coded onto each page (therefore requiring someone to go to each page to make any changes); and c) so that the guild bank could be created the way it was desired.

For the bank, a program that pulled all the information was run in-game. It then deposited all the information into an array in a PHP file. The display page was then modified to allow the information to be shown as desired (in this case, it was set up to mimic the look of how item information is displayed in-game).