Title: Girlscout Science Madness Day Camp
Date: Late July 2003 & 2004

Quick Summary:
This project was designed to allowe easy access to all the links, documents, and photographs taken during the week-long Science Madness Day Camp. For each day of the camp, the site was heavily used and updated (with pictures) and then distributed at the end of the week on CD for home use.



Project Background:
The Girlscout Science Madness Day Camp was a fantastic week-long camp that I participated in for young Girlscouts to learn about the sciences. The program was sponsored by one of the Park University professors, and since I was a work-study student under that particular instructor, I was asked to participate as well.

The website was implimented strictly with HTML and CSS. No scripting was used because each girl would receive a copy of the website burned onto a CD for their own memories.

Note: The original site was hosted on one of the Park.edu sub-domains. This sub-domain was recently cleaned out and the site is no longer available. I uploaded a copy of the site to my personal server before it was taken down so it could be used as an example of my early work.