Girlscouts Science Madness Day Camp

Badges Campers will Earn

  • Cyber Girlscout

    Cyber Girlscout is a badge for Junior Girl Scouts that does not exist in the print world-only in the cyberworld. So welcome and safe surfing! If you need help with some of the computer terminology used in this badge, look in the "How Computer-Wise Are You?" section in the Explore and Discover chapter of the Junior Girl Scout Handbook.

    To earn the Cyber Girlscout Badge you have to do the first activity before working on any of the others. You must complete at least six out of the nine activities. It is recommended that you do all of the activities if you really want to be a CyberGirlScout. It really is fun! (continued)

  • Making It Matter

    Engineers take scientific knowledge and make useful things from it, such as cars, bridges, and computers. Practice being an engineer with this badge.

  • Women's Stories

    In the past, women's contributions to history were often overlooked. Today, that is changing. Find out more about women's roles in history.

    The Women's Stories Badge appeared in Girl Scout Badges and Signs (1990) but was not included in the Junior Girl Scout Badge Book (2001). However, the badge is still available here online, adapted for the Web. (continued)

  • Rocks Rock

    You might not spend a lot of time thinking about rocks. But rocks hold up roads, your house and your town. To earn this badge, you must Be a rock hound! Start a rock collection. Go exploration hiking to see how many different kinds of rocks and minerals you can find. Before you go, consider what equipment you might need. Take safety precautions! And don't collect any samples from an area where collecting stones is prohibited. If removing a rock will make an impact on the envorionment, don't take it home! Instead, photograph or observe the stone where you found it, so others will get to see it later.

  • Badge Check-Off Sheet

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