Girlscouts Science Madness Day Camp

Women in Science

July 26 - July 30 2004

Park Biology Club, Park University, under the supervision of Park's Natural Science Division, and in particular, the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Geology. For Information, Contact Angie Klein at 816-584-6813 or

Park Biology Club plans to conduct a five-day science camp targeting the Girl Scouts of America. We are anticipating thirty-six 4th, 5th, and 6th grade girls, fourteen of which will come from low-income, urban areas (the 14 low-income girls will not be charged any tuition).; Our main focus this summer is women in science. The campers will explore female science role models and perform various hands-on, inquiry based biological, chemical, geological, and computer activities related to the work of the role models. The various activities will be conducted primarily by college professors from Park University. The girls will be divided into small groups led by female science students at the high school or college level. Each group will be responsible for completing its own project, which will require a lot of independent leadership and teamwork on the parts of the campers and their leaders. This summer's project utilizes Lego Mindstorm for Schools, and is centered on the creation of a robot to concur a challenge. It uses a simple yet powerful computer software language to execute the tasks for a successful "alien encounter". Our camp's overall goal is to instill in the girl's an interest in science by exposing them to female science role models, and to hand's on, inquiry based science activities, in addition to the role models provided by our group leaders. We want to show the girls the fallibility of the gender stereotypes about learning science and show them their potential for success in this field. We are excited that we are given the opportunity to introduce these girls to science activities they may have otherwise not had the opportunity to experience.

This project provides an opportunity for girls of various backgrounds to meet and socialize in an environment that values diversity and portrays it in a positive manner. In science, a student is not limited by gender, age, ethnicity, native language, religion, class, or disability. Our planned activities promote health by creating an increased awareness of the influence the environment has on the body. In addition, some girls may be exposed to learning situations that they may have otherwise not had the opportunity to experience.


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