Title: Jeremy Dixon Photography
Date: October/November 2007

Quick Summary:
JDixonPhoto.com was created for a personal friend who wanted a simple "Even I can update it" website to go along with his on-the-side photography business.

This site is no longer being used. My friend has moved to a Shutterfly account due to lower cost and robust e-commerce package.

The version of the website hosted on this server is a pre-release version that does not contain all the information that ended up on the site, and may possibly contain some design flaws.



Project Background:
My friend Jeremy has had a passion for Photography for many years. Only recently has he had the funds to be able to persue his passion. His newfound enthusiasim for photography lead us to discuss the possibility of him having a website to advertise his fantastic ability for photography.

I wanted to keep the design itself very simple and easy to navigate, while still showing what a fantastic photographer Jeremy is! I tried to incorporate examples of his work on as many of the pages as I could, while still trying not to be obtrusive about it.

Along with simplicity of design, I was under strict orders from Jeremy to make the code as simple as possible, so "even [he] can update it". Since Jeremy hasn't dabbled in HTML since the 90's, that meant no really fancy business and no server-side coding.