Title: Julisana.com - Personal Website
Date: August 2004
Sample Code: Hosted Images Display Page, Functions, Style Sheet.

Quick Summary:
My own personal site designed to allow easy access to my resume and portfolio to employers, and personal contact information to family / friends. The image hosting portion of the site is designed as a file store for various images, documents and other files I want easy access to when I'm not at home. The site has been in use since 2004.



Project Background:
Around August of 2004, I purchased my own domain and some web space. The design on Julisana.com is the final product of what I designed. It took quite a while to get the design exactly how I wanted it.

I used Macromedia Dreamweaver to help me get a feel for how I wanted the layout to look. Once I'd settled on a look, I started coding the site by hand, taking care to keep things as uniform and easy to read as possible. While the design does use the Table structure as it's starting point, it does heavily rely on CSS for the look.

The design was intended to give people an easy view of what was available on the site without having to do hardly any scrolling. If a person goes to the site, they immediately know what's available without having to fuss with searching for what they're looking for.

The image hosting section of the website was also created by me. A directory listing is taken of the directory and put into a simple array. The array is then displayed in a table. The information can be sorted in ascending or decending order on the name, date created, or size of the file.