Title: Park University Nursing Application
Date: January 2005

Quick Summary:
Flash based application program that allows prospective students to apply to the nursing program. This application was used during two application seasons, and we had very few problems with people following the directions sent to them in the mail.



Project Background:
Before Park University changed it's policy on departmental webpages being on the home domain of the school, Park would give the departments their own space on a sub-domain, allowing them free reign over what was put up there. The nursing program decided to use their web space as a replacement for sending out large paper application packets.

In the past, the packets were typically about 20 pages long, filled with information about the program, what the application process was like, what the requirements were, everything a prospective student would need in order to apply. With this application, the size of the packets was reduced from 20 letter sized pages to 3 pieces of paper: Instructions on how to access the information, a form to fill out aknowledging that they are starting the application process, and a letter from the head of the program.

By creating this application, the overall cost of the entire application season was reduced considerably by cutting down on paper, postage, and supplies. The original digital copies of all the documents were combined into easy-to-print-out Adobe Acrobat files and placed online.

Because I was only a work study student, and not an actual employee of the school, I knew I wasn't going to be around to maintain this system indefinately. To make it as easy as possible on the faculty/staff, I created the program in flash and imbeded it into a website. All the faculty would have to do is modify the original word documents with the packet information, convert them to PDF and upload them to the webspace.